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'In the Mood': Last day!

"In the Mood": Last day!

This is the last day of Mcbess' exhibition, "In The Mood" at Sergeant Paper Artstore... You can enjoy the artworks by the London's Frenchie until thursday night (April 19th). You still have the opportunity to offer you a original artwork by one of the best illustrators. Here are the volumes made by Mcbess.                                                                                                           "In the Mood" breaks up on Thursday night. ...
'In The Mood' : Show Report!

"In The Mood" : Show Report!

[monoslideshow id=2]         "In The Mood" is on! After a successfull opening Friday, March 16, you can enjoy the new exhibition of Mcbess in a carnival atmosphere until the end of April.                                                                                 ...
L'Attrape Rêve x Mcbess : Issue 4

L'Attrape Rêve x Mcbess : Issue 4

      We told you over and over, Mcbess arrives March 16 at Sergeant Paper with a new exhibition under his arm : In The Mood. One more good news : The fanzine "L'Attrape Rêve" is our partner for the exhibition and the collective has given free hand to Mcbess for the Issue 4. As usual with him, the result is amazing. Here ...
Mcbess x Sergeant Paper: 'In The Mood'!

Mcbess x Sergeant Paper: "In The Mood"!

  Mcbess is back in Paris at Sergeant Paper Art store to present his new exhibition: « In the Mood ».   The Londonian Frenchie will present for the occasion a large quantity of new artworks all influenced by three main themes, dear to his heart : music, girls and food.  The exhibition opens on March 16th.                                          Original Artworks in black ink,  Art prints and volumes as ...