For the Euro Cup 2012, distribute red and yellow cards!

































During the long awaited exhibition « Sucker For Soccer »Sergeant Paper  gives you the chance to win artworks by artist Zoran Lucic as well as subscriptions to So Foot Magazine.


Come and participate to Sergeant Paper ‘s grand Euro Cup 2012 photo contest, it is all happening on Facebook.


The concept is simple : Become the referee just for a photo !


First get your « Sucker For Soccer » red or yellow card or download and print them by clicking on the links. For all Parisians, you can find the cards in the form of flyers in more than a hundred places in Paris (Bars, restaurants, shops and other cultural places…)


















Once you have the card in hand : Give out a card to someone or something, take a picture of you doing it!

Be thoughtful,  avant-gardist, creative or just funny!


Then post your picture on the Facebook game contest page. The owners of the three pictures getting the most votes will be our grand winners.


1st Price : 1  Giclee Print, 60x90cm, signed and numbered by  artist Zoran Lucic (either Zidane, Cantona or Best) + 1 year subscription to So Foot Mag (French language)

2nd price : 1  Giclee Print, 50x70cm by Zoran Lucic of any of the available players + 1 year subscription to So Foot Mag (French language)

3rd price : 1 Giclee Print 50x70cm by Zoran Lucic of any of the available players.

















The game contest is open from May 31st to June 20th, the winners will be announced on June 21st.


Referees ! the game is about to start ! Good luck!

Zoran Lucic: 86 limited editions

Zinedine - Zoran Lucic
50 €
Zlatan - Zoran Lucic
50 €
Pele - Zoran Lucic
50 €
Messi - Zoran Lucic
50 €
Maradona - Zoran Lucic
50 €
George Best - Zoran Lucic
120 €
Zidane's header - Zoran Lucic
120 €