Lek & Sowat sign their Mausolée

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Lek and Sowat the two graffiti artists  will be at Sergeant Paper Art Store on Friday, October 26th to sign their book Mausolée, Résidence artistique sauvage,  as well as their brand new print made by 3 sets of hand with Dem and edited by Sergeant Paper.


Mausolée is one of the biggest project ever made in Graffiti History. During august 2010,  Lek (French Kiss, Gns, Lca, Raw, 1984) and Sowat (Da Mental Vaporz) had discovered somewhere in the north of Paris, a huge disused supermarket of 40 000 m². During more than a year,  they had spent the most of their time painting on the walls with a lot of other artists Apotre, Bims, Seth, Monsieur Qui, Swiz, Jayone… The top billings of the graffiti movement in France had all contributed to the edification of this new graffiti temple. 


The book Mausolée, Résidence artistique sauvage tell us the story of this huge project and also pay a tribute to all of those who, in silence, had contributed to this part of French graffiti culture. 


1076 2379 Lek & Sowat sign their Mausolée


1076 2382 Lek & Sowat sign their Mausolée

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Mausolée is also a sequence shot video of 7 minutes in accelerated , on the music of Philippe Glass.





Let’s meet on Friday, October 26th at 5pm at Sergeant Paper Artstore for the signature of the book Mausolée, Résidence sauvage et artistique (available in the shop) with Lek, Sowat and Dem.


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