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Mega: I Just Murdered the Alphabet

New exhibition at Sergeant Paper Art Store! 


From Saturday October 6th, french artist Mega invests Sergeant Paper Art Store with his new exhibtion “I Just Murdered the Alphabet” composed of more than one hundred original drawings!





































Through the series “I Just Murdered the Alphabet“, Mega tells the story of a group of young people: “The society of Griffeurs” (referring to the myth of West Africa: “The society of Leopards”)


Drawings depicting scenes from the community who chose to flee the suburbs of Paris to fly to Borneo to build an ideal society based on animal instincts. Mixing tribal attitudes and urban culture symbols, they choose hip-hop lyrics as the starting point of their philosophy.


Mega makes through this new series of drawings a social critic. At the same time, he expresses his love for typography. Each piece is built around hip-hop lyrics and Mega’s hybrid characters.


Hip-Hop punchlines:

It’s time to stand up and fight for what you believe in – ONYX – 2 Wrongs
How many dead folks this art resurrected – COMMON – The 6th Sense
It’s where you at – RAKIM – In The Ghetto
It’s like a jungle sometimes – GRANDMASTER FLASH – The Message




Hip-Hop punchlines:

You lookin’ at me but I’m lookin’ through you – LIL WAYNE – Mirror
I’m Number one two three four and five – KRS-ONE – Step Into A World
Get more butt than ashtrays – THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. – Flava In Ya Ear
Food on the plate for the wolves – LLOYD BANKS – The Cake



Through the “I Just Murdered the Alphabet“series, Mega reflects on the roots of the Hiphop and graffitti mouvement, a time dear to the artist’s heart, as it is during that time that Mega started his artistic career.


Join us on Saturday October 6th from 6pm at Sergeant Paper Art Store for the opening of the exhibition “I Just Murdered the Alphabet” with Mega in attendance.

On the occasion our friends from Attrape rêve will also launch the new ATR fanzine : Carte Blanche to Mega!


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Limited editions by the artist

Original Artworks by the artist

Dimitri - Mega
450 €
Dario - Mega
450 €
Joachim - Mega
450 €
Antton  - Mega
450 €