What's new in May?

After Mcbess‘ exhibition “In The Mood”, Sergeant Paper present you a new selection of its catalog, with a lot of new artworks


Starting with artist acclaimed by all, the American Shepard Fairey. The Prints “Eye” and “Immigration Reform” are only available at Sergeant Paper Art Store.


Blog2 Whats new in May?















Two new artist collectives are also now members of the Sergeant Paper’s family:


Belgians Hell’o Monsters (Jérôme Meynen, François Dieltiens et Antoine Detaille)


hellomonster untitled 721x1024 Whats new in May?



































And the illustrators from Berlin, Klub7! (Soon available on the website).


Klub71 Whats new in May?





























And that’s not all! The artworks by the young Dutch Rick Berkelmans, aka Hedof, are also distributed by Sergeant Paper… Worth a visit!



hedof creek 721x1024 Whats new in May?






















hedof goodtimes 721x1024 Whats new in May?




















Hedof: 2 limited editions

Crooked creek - hedof
70 €
Good Times - hedof
70 €